Some interesting links
We cannot guarantee that the links mentioned below are still working, neither we take any responsibility for their contents. We just like to show them, since they might help to make your stay even nicer. Your comments are welcome, of course!


National Parc 'Hohes Venn' For those who are interested in nature
Carolus-thermen Spa pleasure in Aachen
VVV South-Limburg The local Tourist Association
Neutral Moresnet This site tells the story of the former mini-mini state of Neutral Moresnet, and about the four-land-point(!). Very nice, with old pictures, also in English and in Esperanto.
Hombourg Hombourg is just a little countryside village, but it has maybe the biggest site of all Wallonian communities, exercise your languages. Interesting history, lots of information and photo's. Unfortunately only in French language... at this moment at least.
Aachen City of Aachen information. About 15 Km's from the cottage.
Maastricht All about this great city. 18 holes golf course 3 km from the cottage
Le Barbeau, Sippenaeken A characteristic small restaurant (auberge) plus a 16-person apartment. World Wide Health Directory is an informational site to aid in searching the internet offers a huge online inventory of brand name contact lenses with reasonably priced prices. Services include online order and shipping straight to you.